This is a top notch company with customer service beyond anything I've experienced for a purchase of this magnitude. They were spot on on determining how many panels I would need, Deena came and gave us all the info we needed and also told us all the benefits we would get from installing the panels. I priced this with a few companies and this one turned out to be the best estimate I got for high-quality equipment. They installed it earlier than expected and I had it up and running within two weeks of my first meeting with Deena. They monitor the performance and continue to do so regularly. I feel such comfort knowing that I installed it with this amazing company that really back up their products and provide exceptional customer service! I highly recommend them. I've save so much money since I've installed these panels and I Am over the moon satisfied with this purchase! I'm so glad I did it and went solar!

Yasmin B.

A year ago this August a solar system was installed on my roof in August of 2015. The panels produce a slight surplus and consequently, I had no charge for the first 12 months electricity.
Satisfaction: The installation was done in 2 days. They were clean, friendly and gone. Mr. Grinnell stayed to make sure the inspection was completed and connected to PG&E.
Recommendation: Mr. Grinnell and his team were very efficient and friendly. All details of the project were explained and all questions that I had were answered to my satisfaction. The project passed inspection the first time. It was exceptional experience to have a contractor be so through. He has my highest recommendation

George C.

Sunrise Solar did a great job on my recent Solar project. BrIan, the sales representative explained the different options. Kevin, the project supervisor and one of the owners, made sure the project ran smoothly and the business operation was minimally impacted by construction. They were respectful of my unconventional schedule and finished the job quickly and at the quote given for the project. I would highly recommend them for any Solar or electrical project.

Cindy H.

Without hesitation, we recommend Sunrise Solar. From initial meeting to final installation (and switch over from PG&E), every step was communicated and handled professionally yet with a personal touch. Sunrise coordinated our solar project with our roofing company so that both our new roof and solar projects were seamless.
Other reviews state that this company has something different and "special", we would agree. If you are considering adding solar to your home, Sunrise Solar will not disappoint. Keep your $'s local AND receive the best product and service available.

Kristina D.

We had a great experience with Sunrise Solar. Interviewed several companies but they were the most responsive and provided the best service. Brian, the salesman, answered all our questions and provided us with a detailed proposal with top rated equipment, at a better price than the competitors. Quick install time. Kevin and Steve did a great job with the installation.

Alice T.

Top shelf! We did our research, having the seven best-rated solar providers serving Marin in for bids on our 13.2 kW array. Among the group, the price was pretty close, so what cinched it for Sunrise Solar? To us, having the owners, Kevin and Brian -- the guys who actually hold the NABCEP certifications -- were the ones who were on our roof leading the work. And the work was impeccable. Production was as projected, and zeroing out our (substantial) usage made opening the PG&E bill a fun experience each month. Prior to Sunrise Solar, we needed a cocktail to prepare for the bill! In a heartbreaking turn of events, we sold the house and moved out of state. Into a home without solar. Bummer. The new owners love the system, too!

Jeff A.

Highly recommend!! Small company with a High Integrity, very personable and competitive! They get to know you and you know them. Very important! We had our solar system installed exactly 1.2 years ago. The installation work was not only quick and easy, it was a superb quality. We even forget the system is there! The system is running flawlessly and we do not pay for electricity anymore!
We had a real test this year with big rains and 20+mph winds discovering a leak. SunriseSolar has responded immediately and Kevin and Steve came in during a brutal storm. They evaluated the leak from inside, located it in the attic around the vent. On the roof they found a deterioration at the top of the vent, which was NOTHING to do with solar panels installations!! Regardless of the reason for the leak, it was obvious that Sunrise priority was to stop the leak and use this opportunity to build even stronger relationship with their customer. Outstanding! In addition, they sealed around two other vents preventively!! Sunrisesolar is the company with a great integrity and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Tatyana R.

This is a small company that prides itself on exceptional customer service. These guys are special. They promised, they delivered, they did NOT disappoint. Really hard workers too and earned our trust. I would highly recommend these guys for your solar needs. At the very least, have them out to give you an estimate, they deserve it and you will be happy you did.

Adrianna P.

Highly recommended! It took many quotes over half a year from companies large and small and ultimately I decided for Sunrise. I got the best equipment from US manufacturers installed by local guys. They did all the permitting, applications and excellent, custom work. And it meant something to me that the designers and installers were the same people. They met and exceeded other offers, were very patient and not pushy, were personable, helpful, experienced, knowledgeable, skilled and fast. From the time I signed the contract until the solar power was switched on was about a week! Plus I like the idea that if there are any issues I can go to a person I know who also personally knows me and my system.

Greg F.

I was looking to install a solar system, but was turned off by a lot of companies which did not know which side is up. Sunrise Solar run by young enterprising people gave me the answers I was looking for. They are knowledgeable about what is available and a reasonable cost and installation. I had researched the raw cost of cells, and inverters, Sunrise Solar gave a reasonable quote for a system. They came in and did a great installation. Our PG and E bill is now at or near $0.00 to slightly negative (PG abd E owes us)..

Philip S.

My wife and I had been looking into going solar for five years, before I came across Sunrise Solar. I'd spent a lot of time learning about solar technology and trying to determine the best time for us to go solar based on personal finances, buying a new home, available rebates, etc. I also spent some time talking to many different installers. I was disappointed after talking to a few of the larger established solar installers. Their prices seemed really high and they did not really listen to me when I tried to ask questions and get more information.

I was frustrated and ready to give up on solar for a while. Then I found Kevin and Steve from Sunrise Solar Company. They were eager to talk and listen to our concerns. They patiently answered our myriad questions, and were able to offer and explain multiple options clearly both to me--with more extensive understanding of solar installation--and to my wife--who prefers layman's terms. Even though Sunrise Solar is a newer company, it was impressive to us that Kevin and Steve are experienced, local, and they ARE the company: from sales, to installation, to managing the paperwork for PG&E and the rebates, to monitoring and trouble-shooting. They are right there through every phase of the project! It felt good to have clear communication at every step of the process.

I can't get over how happy I am with our new system. I watched Kevin and Steve install the system at my house. They were kind and even let me up on the roof with them to get right in on the action! It was obvious that they are very experienced. Somehow they installed the system all in one day. The installation was clean and organized, and the good looks extend to the wiring that runs along the inside of the garage that connects the solar panels to the electrical panel. I've noticed other installations done around my neighborhood by a larger competitor. I'm really glad that we went with Sunrise Solar instead of the other company. I like they way our system looks much better.

Sunrise Solar installed a system that was perfect for us and did it for a great price. I am a solar enthusiast, and even though it is totally unnecessary, I love monitoring the system online with Enphase's reporting system. The system reports information in a manner that is easy to read and understand. I can look at what is happening at any given minute during the day, and I can also see what has happened every minute of every day since we installed the panels. I can also go onto PGE's website and see how much I am saving. This month we did not have a bill at at all. We had a credit! It's great to know that Kevin and Steve are monitoring our system, too, and will have our back if anything goes wrong.

We had an excellent experience with Sunrise Solar, and have been so thrilled with our experience and results that we convinced my mom to hire them to install a system on her house, too. I am happy to answer any questions or give a more glowing praise if you'd like to contact me. Feel free to ask Kevin for my contact information. We have had our system almost a year now and it's been running flawlessly.

Nathan L.

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