Is Your Business Wasting Resources?

Discover how commercial solar panels can work for you in Santa Rosa & Petaluma, CA

Solar energy is especially beneficial for businesses, and an increasing number of companies are turning to commercial solar panel installation in the Santa Rosa & Petaluma, CA area. There are many reasons more companies are utilizing the power of the sun in our part of the world, including:

  • Energy potential-We get a lot of sunlight in Napa, Sonoma and Marin counties, so there's a lot of opportunity to capitalize on that energy.
  • Fiscal incentives-On top of the 30 percent federal tax credit and the inherent savings on your energy bills, there's also only a five-year depreciation rate for solar panels, meaning the turn-around on receiving tax breaks will be brief.
  • Environmental effects-It's more important than ever to make your company sustainable and environmentally conscious, and solar energy is one of the most reliable sources of clean, renewable energy.


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Be a good steward of the planet and of your resources

You want your business to reduce its carbon footprint, but you also want to keep it in the black year after year. Sunrise Solar can help you with that by installing commercial solar panels in Santa Rosa & Petaluma, CA.

We offer site visits to measure out your property, and we provide custom paneling to fit the design of your roof. Discover why so many businesses are being more environmentally and fiscally conscious by installing commercial solar panels in Santa Rosa & Petaluma, CA.