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The North Bay’s Premier Owner Operated Solar Company

The people at Sunrise Solar are here to offer you local, experienced and personal service with a relentless commitment to your sustained satisfaction. Make your connection to the sun! Call Sunrise Solar today and wake up to unlimited power from the sun tomorrow


Getting your home plugged into the sun is easy. We’ll handle everything from permitting and PG&E paperwork to making sure we treat your home with the utmost care. We install all of our customers’ systems ourselves instead of subcontracting out to other companies, so you’ll enjoy having a single point of contact and the highest level of attentiveness and accountability


The 30% tax credit is also available on commercial installations as well as the opportunity to depreciate the system, so there really has never been a better time to plug your business into the sun. Let us give you your free commercial solar analysis and proposal. You may find that the numbers jump right off the page


Even with $0 down many folks are able to have a solar loan payment that is less than their PG&E bill. The solar payment is fixed over the years while PG&E rates continue to climb. We can help you determine what your options are and if it even makes sense in your unique situation. If it does not make sense, we don’t pressure you. We still value your referral potential even if you end up not needing solar yourself